Hey everyone. I am Vipul. I like to talk about many things. I have loads of info in my brain which I keep happily to myself. Let’s forget all this and take a step back. I will introduce myself now!

Hey everyone, I am Vipul Chaudhary…….aaaa who studies computer science engineering at VIT Vellore. Anything left? Ya, I attended Carmel academy till 10th class. Anything more left? Yes, I live in Chandrapur, India.
Okay done, I can’t think now……

You see, this is what the problem is. Even, I don’t know who I am.
Fuck, I can not say more than this. I guess even the Instagram or youtube algorithm should know more about me.
We all do different things all day, we are unique, but do not really know what are we doing..ha thodi confusing lgi hogi ye line..mujhe bhi lgi😂

So, because of all this, I thought of documenting whatever interesting I know(interesting, for me ig😅), and this is where the idea of writing blogs came from.

And this will solve my intro wala problem, yours can also be solved if you do whatever interesting you know.
You can also read my articles, share your thoughts on that topic if that particular thing is of meaning to you, and have meaningful discussions. This will make both of us learn and grow together.

Topics covered in my articles

I thought of doing similar stuff in the form of videos and did make some too, but I was not getting time and ideas to execute them all. I will keep making videos too whenever I feel so. And from now onwards, the blogs will be regular(twice a week or maybe more).
It would be intellectual non-fiction as well as fun stuff!

That’s all. Thank you if you came till here to read, you are in that 1% who still have patience in this world of 15-sec videos.

And I am not a professional in writing. I will just let it out in easy hinglish:)

For all updates about my articles and me, you can connect with me on


Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipul-chaudhary-aba0071b9/

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