When was the last time you wore jeans during this lockdown? How many times a year you buy expensive branded clothes? How many times a year you buy daily wear?
And what was the last time you wore a jockey product? Well, I am wearing one while writing this now :)

In India, from the normal middle-class consumer to the investors in the stock market, everyone loves Jockey.

Jockey International Inc is the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of underwear, sleepwear and sportswear for men, women and children.
But here comes the swadeshi touch. Jockey does not sell its products directly in…

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They were doing banking and finance jobs in Wall Street, did their engineering in the USA, Oh My God!😲 That means there were living the American Dream.

This is also the dream that almost every middle-class Indian holds: Engineering, management, USA me naukri aur phr chokri😂

But today, they are the founders of Pocket Aces, an Indian media company that runs Filter Copy and Dice Media among others.

Interestingly, their names start from ‘A’, Ashwin, Aditi and Anirudh. They have used the aces from their pockets wisely to make Filtercopy a household name today. …

Hey everyone. I am Vipul. I like to talk about many things. I have loads of info in my brain which I keep happily to myself. Let’s forget all this and take a step back. I will introduce myself now!

Hey everyone, I am Vipul Chaudhary…….aaaa who studies computer science engineering at VIT Vellore. Anything left? Ya, I attended Carmel academy till 10th class. Anything more left? Yes, I live in Chandrapur, India.
Okay done, I can’t think now……

You see, this is what the problem is. Even, I don’t know who I am.
Fuck, I can not say more than…

People who inspire me #1

In this series of articles, I will be writing about the people who have had a deep impact on me, my life and my thinking process in general through their work.

And who better than Sonu Sood to start with!

Sonu Sood, whenever I used to hear this name before the pandemic, a shirtless picture of him fighting somewhere would come to my mind. He may have done good roles too, but that image of him being a villain was engraved in my brain.

Fast forward to the covid-19 pandemic, at a time when the…

Permanent Roommates, Kota Factory, Pitchers, Tripling, Flames, Immature, Cubicles, Yeh Meri Family, Bachelors, Panchayat, Gullak, Hostel Daze And Now Aspirants!

These shows sum up my childhood. Oh no, but my transition from childhood.😅 Ha, that seems correct now! I have watched many web shows, we all have 😂, this isn’t a big deal anyway.😅

But there’s something in TVF shows that amazes me every time.
I don’t know, maybe it’s their simple but effective storyline that deals with the problem of modern-day youth or the thing that the characters are so relatable with ourselves.

Maybe it’s their camera angles (I…

Podcast Summary series #1

What can be a better way to start the podcast summary series with India’s Top podcast, The Ranveer Show!

Goli vadapav, naam to suna hi hoga! With over 300+ outlets all over India, goli vada pav is India’s own “hollow” fast-food chain”. Why hollow? More on that in a moment. This podcast revolves mainly around the journey of its co-founder, Venkatesh Iyer and the crazy story of building Goli.

Venky’s family was like any other typical South Indian family. It valued education, not risk-taking. His father used to work for Coalgate. Likewise, all his relatives worked…

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Startups #1

Flipkart and Amazon changed the way we shop, Oyo changed the way we book hotels, Zomato and Swiggy changed the way we order food, Ola and Uber changed the way we travel, and and and Cred is in the process of changing the way people manage their credit card bills.

Oh, wait! Cred is a lot more than just pay your credit cards bills on time.

The main thing that is forcing me to write this article is yes that Rahul Dravid ad😁 or cred’s creative marketing campaigns in general, but more importantly, the thing that cred is…

Shit, Vipul! What have you posted? Are you serious??
Yes, I am😅. I was very hesitant to write this but after listening to such a stimulating conversation, I could not resist documenting this and sharing it with you.

Topics like these must be discussed openly, I feel. This article or whatever it is will definitely guide my 19 year old virgin body whenever the need arises😂. I will be more than happy if it guides you too or reading this breaks any of your myths or gives you a different perspective.

(For context, Ranveer is the host and Luke is…

Vipul Chaudhary

19 year old learner | Podcast Summaries | Startup Stories | Web Show reviews | Politics | Economics | Big tech | Computer Science | Random Infotainment Stuff

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